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Complete with the amenititesfor an alluring lifestyle, Prarthana Bungalows exemplifies style and comfort to suit all your needs. Surrounded by pleasant environs and greenery rarely seen in the city, it is a new lease of life. The strain of city life withers away as you discover a new enthusiasm.

The spectacular villas, create a style facade for the plush living spaces. Spacious layouts make full use of natural lighting and ventilation to enhance the quality of living. Prarthna Bungalows gives home owners the opportunity to take a step towards an ideal lifestyle and a new start to build a healthy and better life.

Contemporary expression.....
Visualized as a secure haven of airy, classically designed living spaces for professionally active, busy and upwardly mobile families, Prarthna Bungalows stand apart for their meticulous open planning and contemporary architectural style with clean lines that maximize the use of valuable space.

"a home is more then just a roof over the head, it's where a lifetime of memories are born."

A home where you can spend precious moments with loved ones and make new friends; a space where you find yourself amidst nature and also avail of various amenities; a space where you nurture your personal goals. At Prarthna Bungalows, children, adults and elders will find confort and satisfaction.

Welcome abroad the Prarthna Bungalows.....
The beautiful Prarthna Bungalows has the perfect ambience for living - serene and lively - just the kind you would like your home to be in! The ambience is generated primarily by the lush green environs from 40 Bungalows. All of them an epitome of superior architecture - blending together the intensely beautiful with the absolutely convenient.

Come abroad the Prarthna Bungalows.

Life is beautiful. Discover it yourself!

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